Gardelli Consulting is a business independent consultancy company, focused on investments in real estate, leading projects from due diligence and viability planning, through the design, permitting, financing, procurement, construction and post-occupation phases.

Advisory services help execute enterprise-wide performance transformation initiatives. Gardelli Consulting business advisory services aim to advance current and future business prospects of our clients, turning strategies into reality. This service is useful to all types of businesses and involves examining the legal, tax, finance, market and risks factors involved to start up or making changes to a business inside the Czech Republic business environment.

High level strategic analysis enables effective decision making

The preparation of a robust business plan to support any project investment is a vital step toward achieving success. This very first high level step is fundamental in order to support a specific case development.

Gardelli Consulting assists clients developing a successful business plan, from the earliest idea to full documentation, analyzing aspects of the business and predicting the related risks, shaping ideas into actionable professional plans.

Establishing the true implications of investment proposals requires a clear understanding of the activity concerned. Costs and resulting business value must be realistic, with all risks and opportunities addressed. Considering costs and returns are important, but financial calculations should ideally demonstrate the wider benefits to the business.

A business plan is a very powerful developer’s tool addressing the business, creating a roadmap for the implementation of the idea.

GC specific services include:

  • Financial feasibility studies
  • Market analysis
  • Database creation and analysis
  • Valuation
  • Project financing management (EU financing programs)

Construction management services support clients by assisting contractors in delivering high quality projects, on time and within budget. Pressure is increasingly falling on owners to deal with complex construction issues from value engineering to bidding, contractor selection to change orders.

GC specific services include:

  • Review of construction documents and due diligence materials to ensure efficient and economical construction methods are being recommended
  • Issuance of bid documents to client’s qualified contractors
  • Provide assistance in identifying and qualifying potential new contractors
  • Review of bid submittals and recommendations for award of contract
  • Preparation and execution of construction contracts
  • Periodic inspections of the site as dictated by the client to monitor compliance with the construction documents
  • Preparation of progress and cost-tracking reports, construction photographs
  • Coordination with design team for timely reviews of drawings
  • Monitoring of project construction to take appropriate actions to deal with the results of delays that may impact the scheduled completion and/or cost of the project
  • Coordination with the client, contractor and design team to discuss and resolve matters such as work procedures/performance, complaints and construction problems
  • Management of change order process to minimize delays and additional costs
  • Review contractor pay requests to insure that milestones are being met
  • Coordination of the final stages of construction to obtain a building acceptance.

Gardelli Consulting can provide contractual assurance to clients through intelligent procurement, contract management and dispute resolution. GC offers a comprehensive, independent contractual and commercial service designed to guide any project successfully through the complexities and challenges of modern construction and engineering procurement, from inception to completion.

GC specific services include:

  • Case management to provide pragmatic, commercial and tactical advice
  • Drafting contract documentation to manage risk effectively and protect your commercial position
  • Contract management to ensure compliance on time and cost
  • Establishing optimum procurement solutions to meet your business requirements and commercial challenges
  • Effective management, record keeping and seconded contract support
  • Achieving the best outcomes during dispute resolution with minimum cost and disruption
  • Claims management to prepare and defend claims submissions
  • Delay and disruption analysis
  • Expert opinion for instructing lawyers and in-house counsel

The systems and tools used for capturing information are tailored to each client. They provide investigation and analysis for the presention of evidence in a courtroom setting to assist you during tribunals. Even for this case, GC is a strong supporter of a deep development of database management and document control, to be able to fast react and analyse, interpret and present complex data into readily understandable and high level graphical output.

Predictability and control of costs are essential principles for all organizations when planning and undertaking capital projects.

Gardelli Consulting goal is to safeguard your commercial interests at every stage of acquisition, permitting, design, procurement and construction process to deliver a return on your investment.

Once you have decided which is for your company a suitable rate of return on the capital investment of a project, GC focuses on achieving the best results from your investment and make sure that it fully matches your budget. Cost and risk performance is measured against targets and every opportunity for improvement identified.

Design is never one-dimensional

As world population soars, good design in residential buildings is more important than ever. Gardelli Consulting trusts in the possibility of a proper design to improve the quality of life for communities and developer. Working with leading architects and engineers, we manage to coordinate all these professionals to achieve the right project design.

GC capabilities include design coordination & supervision to ensure quality contract documents for both site and building construction management. Coordination and experienced supervision during this phase minimizes jurisdictional review timeframes as well as additional costs during bidding and construction.

GC specific services include:

  • Prepare and coordinate project schedule with project architect and engineer
  • Review of client design criteria
  • Coordinate progress meetings as needed with client/design team to review plans prior to completion and issuance to permitting agencies
  • Verification of permitting submittal requirements

It has become increasingly more important for developers to fully understand the scope and magnitude of the potential financial exposures associated with developing in today’s fast-paced, competitive real estate market. Unknown issues should all be discovered well in advance of making significant financial commitments.
My considerable experience and knowledge as well as the relationships with highly qualified technical, environmental and legal consultants allow me to perform a detailed, comprehensive due diligence investigation geared toward discovering risks and issues while identifying the cost and time considerations that may impact the overall development of a deal.

GC specific services include:

  • Onsite inspection of subject property to assess topography, availability of utilities, means of ingress/egress
  • Preparation of comprehensive Site Investigation Report to document jurisdictional permitting processes and timeframes, zoning restrictions, utility availability and anticipated costs for connection, requirements for roadways and other public improvements
  • Prepare preliminary Cost Estimate
  • Management of surveying, geotechnical, legal and environmental investigative services
  • Provide review of due diligence materials and communicate/advise client and team members of any design or cost considerations

In today’s complex and ever changing regulatory environment, it is critical to understand the legal permitting requirements for new development. Most projects require multiple permits, often from local and state offices. Additionally many properties have constrictions and obligations either due to zoning and use issues, or site constraints that require variances and other public hearing processes to obtain approvals. If permits aren’t applied for as early as possible, or if applications are not complete, a project will potentially experience critical and costly delays.

Investigating, completing, and processing project permits quickly and efficiently are crucial matters to get focused in from the real beginning of any investment. Whether a project is simple or one that requires a lengthy process, Gardelli Consulting represents its client’s interests at all levels of the process working with municipalities, neighborhood committees or other regulatory agencies all in the interest of getting a project under construction on schedule.

GC specific services include:

  • Coordination of construction documents, applications and fees in preparation for submission to jurisdictional review offices
  • Follow-up with review and coordination with design team and client regarding status of approvals and need for revisions/response/resubmittal
  • Represent client at meetings with City, public hearings process (Planning Commission, City Council, Board of Zoning Appeals, etc) relating to approvals, rezoning, variances, neighborhood committees

Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.

Gardelli Consulting project management services involve the definition, leadership, planning, management, control and delivery of projects on your behalf, ensuring your corporate goals are achieved.

Buying real estate and property in the Czech Republic can be a good investment and like in most European countries, property value rises year after year.

Different to many European countries Czech Republic is still in a phase of economic growth, which is a very important index in order to evaluate where making an investment.

GC specific services include:

  • Market analysis
  • Client research
  • Location research and reports
  • Property viewing on your behalf
  • Acquisition support
  • Contract management
  • Cadastral services

Creating desirable places to live, while seeking smarter solutions for all

Development management is about unlocking additional value from land and property, over and above the existing use value. Whether the objective is to generate development profits, enhance investment returns or deliver regeneration benefits, Gardelli Consulting skills and experience advise on all aspects of the development process, successfully managing your projects from inception to completion.

GC specific services include:

  • Identifying development initiatives with the potential to create additional value from property assets
  • Determining the optimal scheme about mix of uses, density, phasing and designs to generate the highest profit and maximize the opportunity
  • Maximizing financial viability
  • Identifying and acquiring profitable development opportunities and disposing of sites and properties with development potential

Where there is no risk there are no opportunities

The effective management of risks and opportunities is increasingly seen as an important competitive differentiator, helping organizations achieve success despite difficult economic times. Having a robust view of development risks during the initial and execution stages of capital projects is critical to achieving a return on your investment.

Gardelli Consulting addresses any risks and issues that arise, and if problems, discrepancies or conflicts occur we provide the solutions that will protect your interests.

Managing risk and opportunities brings you:

  • Improved cost certainty
  • Higher economic returns
  • Sustainable shareholder value
  • Increased stakeholder confidence
  • Reduction of costly disputes and claims

Recovering troubled projects: Our consultants are skilled at conducting rapid diagnosis of problems, instituting course corrections, and bringing projects back on track